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Creating a locker is very easy, simply select locker type, and fill the form accordingly. if you create a locker as a guest, you can specify your bitcoin wallet where you would like to receive your payments. Registered users dont need to specify their wallet for each locker, all the payments will be added to their account balance, and they can request them easily from withdraw page. All you have to do is to create a locker whether as a guest or as a register user, share your download link with friends, collegues or promote it on internet, you will earn for every download you bring.

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When you register your account with us you actually unlock the most useful features that we provided in our user area, as a guest you cannot accept multiple currencies, but as a registered user you can accept multiple crypto currencies and all the earnings of those currencies will be added to your account balance that you can withdraw easily. create your account today with us and unlock all the supported currencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, and DodgeCoin Register Now

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As a registered user, you can access to our all tools that we provide to our users including api services, statistics, multiple currencies, referral program etc. We recommend you register account and avail all the useful features provided in the user area.

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Now our registered users can also accept paypal on their lockers, visitor can unlock your contents with paypal, and equilent bitcoin amount will be added to your account.

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