How to Make Bitcoin Uploading Files


We cannot deny the fact that selling digital products is not an easy task. A person needs to comply with lots of requirements to make this happen. One of the problems that you might encounter when it comes to selling digital items is duplication. Your items might be duplicated. On the other hand, in terms of selling them that come up with the means of payment, there is a high chance that the seller’s provided protection does not cover the selling items. As a result, the seller might be susceptible to the chargeback scams.

Most of you might have a background about the bitcoin while some of you do not. Well, to those individuals who don’t know what a Bitcoin is, it is a type of cryptocurrency or digital currency. It is being used in selling or purchasing both goods and services. There are lots of countries out there that are already accepting the bitcoin crypto as a means of payment. Aside from that, it is also one of the most popular modes of payment that is being used by many individuals, specifically those who are living in third world countries.

We cannot deny the fact that bitcoin is a very notable option that you might consider when you want to exchange your digital files. But the problem is that setting up the entire requirements might take some time and effort. The good news is that exchanging the files in bitcoin can be done easily.

You can perform the file exchanges in bitcoin with the use of the web browser app. This is called as the Satoshi Box. This browser app will enable you to upload your files in bitcoin. If you are selling it, you can put your preferred price rate. This is an easy money work because when there is someone who is downloading your uploaded files, you can earn bitcoins as a payment.

In connection with this, you will not be worried about checking each of your transactions or exchanges and sending your preferred files. This process can be done automatically, easily, and conveniently.

If you are a beginner in using the Satoshi Box, you might be asking about the possible amount of fee that you need to pay. Luckily, the Satoshi Box will only charge you 0.0009BTC or 6 percent of the total amount.

When there is someone who is downloading the file that you have been uploaded, the coins will be added to your current money automatically. This can be done by sending the payment to your own Bitcoin address after the network confirmed it. One of the advantages that you can get from using the said web browser application for exchanges of the file in Bitcoin is that you can delete the files you prefer. As a result, it will not cause any traffic to your files after a month.

So, if you want to use the said browser app in exchanging files in bitcoin, then keep on reading this post and enjoy it!

You have the freedom to put how much data or files you want to upload in bitcoin. In these days, the miners of bitcoin are charging a single satoshi for every byte. If you are going to compare it with the price rate on the current market, you can notice that it is equivalent to seven US cents for every 100 KB.

Because of the fact that there are some files that are quite bigger than 100 KB, there is a high possibility that you cannot upload it on Bitcoin. One of the best ways that you can do to upload and exchange files in bitcoin is to break the larger files into pieces that are lesser than 100 KB. Luckily, there are some applications that you can use to perform this easily. In addition to that, there are some tools that are considered to be a reliable and easier mode in uploading larger files to the bitcoin.

There are some individuals who usually experience some problems in the speed limit when they want to upload and exchange a larger amount of files. This is mainly due to the fact that these people are hitting the chain limit of the unconfirmed transactions. Aside from that, this might be because the one limits the size of the chains of the unconfirmed transactions.

The following is a thorough guide that you can follow to upload or even exchange your preferred files in bitcoin. So, if you want to know more about it, let’s get started!

  1. The first step that you need to do is to pick the files that you want to upload on bitcoin. These files might be an audio file, a video, or even an image.
  1. The second thing that you should do is to determine the number of charges that you need to pay after you upload your preferred files.
  1. It is also important for you to ensure that you are already logged into the Money Button. Aside from that, make sure that you have enough money that you have stored in your wallet in the Money Button.
  1. The next thing that you should do is to go to the UTXO split tool. After that, it is important for you to check if your UTXOs are already broken down into many UTXOs. Make sure that the number of UTXOs is similar to the number of files that you want to upload.
  1. Next, you need to wait for some minutes for the UTXO split transaction to be recognized before you proceed to the next step. The UTXO split tool will enable you to be notified if the transaction has been confirmed or not.
  1. After you receive the confirmation to your UTXO split transaction, the next thing that you should do is to check the website. The said site will enable you to upload your preferred files. The said app will help you to break down your files into different numbers. Aside from that, it will also help you to create some buttons in uploading each part of your files. Not only that, but the app will also provide you with the concatenation button, which you will need inputting each part together. After that, you need to swipe the entire buttons.
  1. After you swipe the entire buttons made by the app, the last step that you need to do is to check your uploading files. This can be done by clicking the provided link. It is important for you to know that this step might take some seconds or even minutes to ensure that the entire transactions of yours have been propagated to the network. It is okay if you didn’t view your uploading files immediately. The only thing that you should do is to wait. You might also consider refreshing the page. After waiting for some minutes and refreshing the page, the uploading files will eventually be shown.


The steps that we have mentioned above are the things that you need to follow if you want to make bitcoin uploading files. So, if you are planning to upload your files on bitcoin, follow the steps above.

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