Sharing Files for Bitcoin: Things You Need to Know


If you share content with others and could not pay for your internet bills, then good news because there is a simple and lucrative way to profit from it, today, there are some companies that pay people for sharing files. You are able to earn up to $20 or more for each download. Perhaps, you may be asking “who would pay for just sharing files,” well there are platforms that offer this service. However, sharing files for bitcoin is now very popular over the net.

The popularity and international demand for this digital currency, and so its value go up, so does the need for people to begin earning bitcoin. This is, in fact, visible when staring at Google Trends data for the keyword, sharing files for bitcoin that has seen a considerable augment in search volumes in the last couple of months, which reach an all-time high. Before moving on to the topic, let us first know what Bitcoin is.

Getting to Know More About Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin after many years of research in cryptography. Satoshi is an expert software developer from Japan, and he is also the one who designed the algorithm and introduced it in the year 2009. However, his true identity stays a mystery. 

This digital currency isn’t backed by a tangible community like silver or gold. This is traded over the net, or digitally that makes them a commodity in themselves. Bitcoin is an open-source product that is accessible by anyone who is a user. All you want is an email add, fast internet access as well as money to get started. 

Where Does Bitcoin From? 

Bitcoin is mined on a distributed computer network of users using specialized software; the network addresses specific mathematical proofs, as well as searches for a particular sequence of data or block which generates a specific pattern if the BTC algorithm is used to it. A match generates a Bitcoin, its complex, time as well as energy-consuming. Just 21 million bitcoins are ever to be mined. The match problems the network systems address get progressively harder to keep the operations of mining and supply in check. 

How to Earn Bitcoin from Sharing Files

It is easy to share files for Bitcoin. Some websites offer this, which we will tackle later on. These platforms will allow you to upload videos and files, and viewers will click the files or see the video files with the use of the BTC micro-paywall system. You are able to upload it as an image and ask Bitfortip. Bitcoin upload where digital currency fanatics come to share like a comment on files and video articles related to this cryptocurrency. 

You can earn bitcoin by uploading videos and pictures. BTC is the latest form of currency in the market. Not like the usual currencies like dollars, this digital currency is issued as well as handled without central authority whatsoever. 

Maybe you are asking how to earn BTC by uploading images or pictures. Well, it is easy to do this. You can fill out the surveys, watch videos, or do simple tasks, and that’s it. You get a considerable amount of money from doing them.

How Much Can I Earn Bitcoin?

The amount of bitcoin you can earn will depend on the number of people who click and view your file or website on the platform. The best thing about it is that there is no bank and government agency in charge or accountable for this digital currency. There is a platform that offers a lot of ways to earn cash via bitcoin. Some make use of case examples. A lot of these services take a step further and not just enable you to host pictures and videos for free they will also pay you for doing so. 

You can upload content/image up to 150Mb and receive payment instantly on your wallet, on every download; private remote host, no expiration, file stats, there is no registration needed. There is also no need to submit personal information. One payment one download fee is 5% of the item’s total price. 

Sharing Files for Bitcoin: Platforms that Offer Services 

You can earn Bitcoin by sharing files in exchange for micropayment. There are platform available online that provide service such as Supload, Satoshi Box as well as JoyStream

  • Supload

This online platform will reward you for uploading videos and images with bitcoin payments, which come from 50% of the gains produced in the ads displayed on this site content related to your account. This site makes a profit from ad using the images and then shares 50 percent with you in the sort of Bitcoin. The best thing about is that the link given is markdown ready. All you have to do is to copy and paste the link for the gif or picture to show. 

  • Satoshibox 

This platform pays users in bitcoin form once the uploaded contents are downloaded for a fee determined by those users once they originally uploaded the content. This network allows sellers to sell what they have to those who are fascinated by buying what they’re selling. Sellers can upload content to the server where the potential buyers can see them as well as wonder what the sellers are offering. This site is directed to those who are fanatics of digital currency. A lot of files available on this site are associated with bitcoin. 

All transactions and deals happening on this site are via bitcoin. Due to this simple fact, people must be extra careful when buying. This is because BTC transactions are permanent. There is a lack of info about this platform and where it is accepted. This network also supports an extensive array of languages. 

  • JoyStream

This is considered a peer to peer content sharing site the same as BitTorrent, except that content sharers get BTC micropayments to seed file for other people to download. When you have information as well as valuable content and file share, then making use of bitcoin-based file-sharing platforms like those mentioned above is a superb way to earn a considerable amount of bitcoin. This network makes use of digital currency BTC cash as a reward for BitTorrent users, which recompense each other for files in a distributed system. The team began with the aim of using the BTC core network; on the additional hand fees as well as transaction corroboration times became unpredictable

Is There Any Way to Earn Cash from Bitcoin Aside from Sharing Files?

Yes. There are other ways to earn bitcoin from sharing files, such as multitasks, selling apps as well as digital services, video streaming, selling physical goods, and even freelancing. However, the easiest and simplest way via file sharing. This is a proven effective, and reliable source of income.


Do you want to be part of the BTC community or want to earn some BTC to gain from the deflationary nature of this digital currency, there are a lot of ways and avenues to obtain that? Each time it is in offering the service as selling physical, freelance, digital products, or sharing files in exchange for bitcoin payment, there are lots of chances for everyone to earn this digital currency. 

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