What Does Pay Per Download Mean?


Are you one of the thousands of people out there who want to earn passive income from a download? If your answer is yes, then pay-per-download or PPD for short is a remarkable way of doing it. You are able to monetize any digital content that takes account of digital media, digital content, files, apps, and almost anything which can be downloaded. Pay-per-download is a most straightforward way of making passive from your content, and the best thing about it is that you are able to profit from the content of other people.

What Exactly Pay-Per-Download is?

Even though different websites may utilize the term to signify little different things, a pay-per-download website or network is an arrangement that allows you to make money on your downloads. You can ask payments to those who download the file or ask them to unlock the content through completing an action like a quiz or a survey- that then makes income from advertisers. There are overlaps between these services, and a number of monetization networks online provide the two systems to their users or subscribers.

Several pay-per-download sites also embrace an affiliate system. So, meaning, an affiliate marketer will work by advertising your paid download. Every time a user buys your download, you will compensate them for a commission. Also, if you’re working the advertising angle, you can utilize the pay-per-download affiliate system to market other people’s downloads and get some commissions.

Why Do I Need to Utilize Pay-Per-Download?

PPD is considered one of the most efficient types of online marketing for earning cash online. Pay-per-download provides one of the fastest and simplest ways of making money online. What is more, you can start it for free without giving out any single amount.

There is also another perk associated with pay-per-download marketing. It is easier to get accepted in pay-per-download sites compared to CPA sites/networks. A lot of PPD sites automatically accept new members. PPD marketing is straightforward to handle and implement. All you need do is upload your content to the PDD site and then share links for downloading content. In PDD marketing, there is a huge chance of earning a considerable amount of money. You will have the opportunity to make from $0.2 up to $10 each time your content gets downloaded. Also, many PPD sites provide payout amounting to $20 for a single download.

PDD Marketing: Valuable Factors to Consider

When it comes to pay-per-download marketing, it is vital to understand the guidelines related to pay-per-download sites and networks. You have to be tuned into the kind of file or digital product you can upload to the sites. Like for instance, you can’t upload adult content or movies. Therefore, prior to registering for any pay-per-download site, make sure to read the terms and conditions very carefully.

Once you encounter an issue, you must get help from the customer service. Make things clear prior to beginning your campaign if you have chosen a PDD site and go to upload a file and get your links up that you like people to download.

You need to ensure that people click the links and answer the quiz to unlock the download and eventually download the file on offer. This comprises one of the essential challenges from the perspective of pay-per-download marketing. Users can complete diverse offers to open available downloads.

How to Maximize PPD Sites or Networks

If you are planning to make money on your file or content, then you can try either the content locking system or paid purchase method. To know which one is ideal to your case, you will have to see the value of your file. Are you monetizing a plugin or an app?

Begin the process by knowing your competitors. Know how your competitors are monetizing the same services or products. Are your rivalries using content locking or charging for the product? Take the benefit of people who have gone before you. Almost certainly, they have tested and re-assessed the most efficient download monetization techniques.

Generally, the less valuable file must be file-locked. You can try charging users to download more useful items like first-rate eBooks or apps. Or if you have webspace and resources, you can work both systems at the same time and see which makes more income.

Researching PPD Websites

After knowing what PPD is and how it works, it is now time to begin looking at available PPD networks.

When researching for pay-per-download networks, there are things you need to consider, such as:

  • The Reputation of the Network

Check the name and the character of the network by reading feedbacks on websites, read forums, news sites, and know what other people are saying. You also need to verify the legitimacy of the PPD networks. Is the PPD network has an email address, contact info? Look for any signs that can determine the reliability of the pay-per-download network.

  • Secure and Safe Payments

Like any business, it is very important to have a secure payment processed. When the PDD network uses payment modes like PayPal and other popular processes, you are assured that the network is legit.

  • Features

After knowing that you are working with a real business that takes safety a main priority, it is time to assess the features the network has. Know how many permanent processors the site support, if they have an affiliate program or have a joint venture with other retailers online and know the pricing system. Know if there is a limit in the number of transactions and additional info regarding the shopping cart system.

  • Pricing

The pricing can differ from site to site, and some have diverse pricing plans. Some networks set restrictions on the size of the upload, charge commission for the download, and alter other variables based on subscription. You need to evaluate the prices against how much files you have and the possible income.

  • Content Locking and PPD

There are cases wherein content locking and PPD are utilized interchangeably. As stated, you do not charge people for these products. Instead, you lock the content and get paid when someone completes an action to open that file.

With the content locking site, it is vital to do research. Go in the same steps stated above to know more about the reputation of the network, what kind of security offered, and the features available as well. Know how the system stacks up against the stern competition.

As you will be showing 3rd party often offers to make money on your download, you will need to study the offers available for every PDD site. Know which one is relevant to the target audience and the amount of compensation. The moment you register to sign up and start utilizing the site, you will be performing a lot of assessments.

Usually, disbursement for lock downloads or a file is lower compared to the paid product. The cost of making the digital content, on the other hand, is lower compared to a paid product. Rather than offering one large download for a high value, you can distribute a lot of smaller downloads and get smaller compensations for each one.


PPD networks or websites are the most excellent monetization techniques online, and surely worth trying for people who have file or content to monetize. The one you choose will be based on the kind of file you are offering, your objectives, and your price range. After making a choice, you can now try testing.

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